10 Items from Amazon to Upgrade Your Home

10 Items from Amazon to Upgrade Your Home

Does your home need a refresh? Amazon has a ton of great items to give your life easier. Try our top 10 Amazon items without breaking the bank.


If you are tired of vacuuming every day, get a Roomba! This little robot will automatically search your home for dirt and scraps. It’s rechargeable and you can set it to turn on at the same time every day and will help you save time on your everyday chores. It will even entertain your cat! 

Essential Oil Diffuser

Are you spending way too much money on room sprays, candles, and plugins? Instead, buy this essential oil diffuser. Mix in water with a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, and you won’t’ have to buy more until months from now. Get several essential oils too! Diffuse some lavender to help you go to sleep and diffuse orange essential oil when you need a pick me up. 

Echo Dot

Make your life waaay easier by getting an Echo Dot! This little device is like your personal assistant. Ask echo what the weather is, how long your commute is, or a random question like how to get wine out of your couch. This hands-free experience will make the day to day a breeze. 

Smart Plug

Speaking of great devices, ever wish you could just turn off the lights without getting up to flip the switch? Pair this smart plug with your new echo dot and you can turn off the lights with your phone or just telling echo to turn off the lights. 

Industrial Table Lamp

Give your guests something to talk about when they come over. Set the mood with this industrial table lamp! Ditch those boring lamps with an off white shade and go bold with this lamp instead. All of your guests will be surprised it came from Amazon.

Geode Coasters

Tired of having rings on your coffee table? Stop using napkins and get these geode coasters. Went not in use, they look like artwork on your table! Choose different colors to match your theme. We love these deep blue ones! 

Handwoven Hammock

Don’t just upgrade your home inside, decorate the outside too! Put up this hammock in your backyard and you will feel like you drifted off to a secluded vacation. 

Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

Ditch those shelves you got from IKEA 10 years ago and do a little upgrade with these rustic shelves. Perfect to hold your favorite air plant, a photo of your family, and some fun knick-knacks. 

Donut Dog Bed

If your pup is sleeping on a chewed up dog bed with stains all over it, it might be time to toss that one out. Who says that dog beds can't be fashionable? Buy this Donut Dog Bed and your K9 will have a snuggly place all to themselves. They might even think twice about going to sleep in your bed. 

Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories 

Does your bathroom have plastic bottles of soap everywhere and cotton pads laying on the counter because you don’t know where to put them? Get this set and your bathroom will look put together with ease. This chic set will make your bathroom look like your very own spa- without breaking the bank. 

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