Back To School Shopping Tips for 2020

Back To School Shopping Tips for 2020

The first day of school is looking quite different from years past. With virtual classes or limited in-person classrooms, your child has new needs. 

Sturbridge Homes loves supporting the community and our clients with families. We want to make school shopping straightforward for Maryland parents this year. We’ve gathered the best tips for getting your student off to a great start in September!

Know The Required Supplies

No matter what grade your child is in, certain school supplies are required for students to succeed. Doing their best work in a math class might mean having an advanced calculator, compass, protractor or graph paper. For younger students washable markers, glue sticks and pencil sharpeners might be a necessity.

Discover the essential supplies based on your school by visiting TeacherLists. This site lets you put in your location, find your school, and find your supply-list based on your kiddos grade level. Now that’s school shopping made easy with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Modern Student Needs

Not that long ago, learning only required books, paper, pencil and chalkboard. These days, with virtual lessons, iPads and laptops are in top demand. If you only have one shared computer in the house, now’s the time to search for a dedicated school computer for each child in the home. 

You know what it’s like having multiple kids fight over one bathroom? Now imagine multiple kids fighting over one computer throughout the school day. It creates chaos and a poor learning environment.

Don’t let your kids’ grades suffer. Invest in a computer or laptop for each child in the home. With many back-to-school tech sales online and in big-box stores, now’s a great time to buy!

Find a laptop with good memory, fast processing power and plenty of storage. Here are the top-rated student laptops this year. Access to a reliable computer will make learning so much easier for your family. 

Upgrade Your Tech

Once you’ve got the computer situation under control, it’s time to research useful accessories and tech upgrades. 

First, consider your Wi-Fi. Does your internet have enough bandwidth and speed to accommodate everyone who’s working from home? If not, look into upgrading your router or adding a booster. You could also increase your internet package with your provider.

Help the school-day stay uninterrupted with noise-cancelling headphones and a charging port or power strip. Make sure your offspring have a comfortable, adjustable chair, a good mouse, and maybe even a second monitor. 

School-Only Zone

Some schools are back in session, but many Maryland classes are being held online for the remainder of 2020. Working at the kitchen table is okay, but can lead to interruptions, distractions and a constant dining room mess! Help your youngsters stay focused (and keep your home organized) by setting up a “school-only” zone.

When one area of the home is allocated for one task, it’s easier for students to stay on-track. These purposefully-designed homework stations can be situated anywhere that’s convenient. And if a child is working in that space, everyone in the home should know to be respectful and stay quiet.

Your house’s limitations can make the new normal of working and learning from home difficult. If you’re ready to upgrade your space, get in touch! Sturbridge Homes has move-in ready houses available.