Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Beautiful summer evenings are coming and, with them, the chance to enjoy your backyard to its fullest! Out of all the places in your home, it’s probably one of the most under-used spaces. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it a cozy place to be when the sun sets!

With the right backyard lighting ideas, you can create a space that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing. Whether you live in a Sturbridge Homes townhouse with a second floor deck, or on a large property with a sprawling backyard, here are some great ideas for your own lighting project.

String Lights

String lights are very on-trend and a great way to create ambiance without being too overwhelming. String them along the railing of your deck, from a pergola, or wrap them around trees for an easy installation process — no drilling required!

These types of lights come in every color and style imaginable (although we’re partial to a classic, warm-toned Edison bulb!).

String lights can make any space look bigger than it actually is because they cast a wide glow below, instead of shining directly onto surfaces like other more traditional sources do.

Uplighting and Downlighting

The use of uplighting and downlight is a great way to add drama when entertaining. It’s also a beautiful way to highlight plants, trees, fencing, water features — you name it! Anything in your yard that you want to accent is a great candidate for this style of lighting.

Basically uplighting and downlighting works like a spotlight, shining on any landscaping details you want to feature.

So when you choose locations, just be mindful that they’re not aimed toward people’s eyes when they’re sitting or walking around your backyard.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights serve as the “main attraction” for your outdoor space. They’re functional as a safety feature; brightening up walkways and paths so people can enjoy them at night. And they also create a beautiful atmosphere, especially when you use more unique, ornamental fixtures.

For added convenience, you could even use a series of motion-sensor lanterns that turn themselves off when not in use and come on when someone is within range. This is great if you want to conserve power without needing to manually flick switches before going outside.

Perimeter Lighting

The edges of your patio and backyard need to be well lit. You don’t want someone stumbling into a planter or struggling to open a gate! Perimeter lighting is a great solution for this.

Lighting along the perimeter will also prevent people from trespassing onto your lawn and keep animals out of gardens.

There are many ways you can light up your property line, including solar-powered products that just sit in place until triggered by motion, electric battery operated lights with stakes that go into the ground, and spotlights that are hardwired and mounted on walls or poles.

With just a few simple additions like string lights or little pathway lanterns, you’ll transform an unused area into something that is perfect for summer evenings with friends and family.

Which idea did you find most inspiring? Do you have a backyard that’s perfect for entertaining on a warm night?

Sturbridge Homes always takes great care to consider your outdoor needs and goals.

We’ll make sure all your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces are as comfortable and cozy as possible when the sun goes down this year! Get in touch today.