Celebrating Halloween in Maryland Safely in 2020

Celebrating Halloween in Maryland Safely in 2020

If costumes lining the store aisles are any indication, Halloween is fast approaching! But with a spooky virus going around, the usual trick-or-treating might not be the healthiest idea for your family.

Many Maryland counties are allowing the door-to-door tradition this Halloween, but it is discouraged. How can you deliver a ghoulishly delightful evening that’s also safe? We’ve got plenty of COVID-friendly ideas for you!

Bewitching Backyard Party

Gather your family or friends for an outdoor Halloween bash. According to the CDC, hosting an outdoor celebration is safer than an indoor house party, plus the chill of the nighttime air adds to the atmosphere.

Decorate your yard with colorful lighting, low-hanging fog, candles, skeletons, and plenty of pumpkins. Make a playlist of classic Halloween favorites like Thriller, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters. Lay out a spread of frightening (but tasty!) savory and sweet items. Plan your party menu with these easy Halloween snacks. And don’t forget to have a few prizes ready for your costume contest!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Who needs a costume when you can get covered in glitter, paint, and pumpkin guts? All ages can enjoy a night of decorating pumpkins—especially if there are prizes involved!

Ask your friends or family to bring their own pumpkin. Pick a theme like Disney, horror or animals, and let everyone make their own creation. Decide on a few unique categories like “Most Original,” “Fanciest,” or “Overall Favorite.” Invite the whole group to vote at the end of the night. Be sure to get a picture of your pumpkin masterpieces and share them on our Sturbridge Facebook page!

Fall Crafting Night

When Halloween ends, there’s still 51 days left of fall. That means you can display beautiful, handcrafted decorations well-beyond Thanksgiving. Now’s your chance to festively decorate if your house isn’t already outfitted with earthy autumn accents.

Hit up an Annapolis craft store and fill your cart with items like burlap, ribbon, cotton, faux-pumpkins, pinecones, mini gourds, and maple leaves. Pop on the Harry Potter soundtrack, grab your glue gun and get crafting! From fall wreaths to centerpieces, there’s no end to what you can design.

Ghost Tour

What’s Halloween without a few frights? Turn your night into a Scooby-Doo-style adventure and visit local haunted spots around Annapolis, MD. You might be surprised how many ghosts live nearby! You will have a hair-raising, spine-tingling adventure.

You know what isn’t spooky? Sturbridge Homes’ communities! If you’re looking to celebrate Halloween in a new neighborhood next year, consider our award-winning forever homes. We have quick move-in ready homes available now (no ghosts included!).