Create An Outdoor Dining Space for Your Home

Create An Outdoor Dining Space for Your Home

It might seem counterintuitive, but the best time to start thinking about your outdoor dining space is before you have one. Sure, you could get a table and chairs from Ikea or Walmart and eat outside in all sorts of weather...

But why not enjoy an outdoor dining area that's more than just functional? It can be beautiful too! Here's how you can create a place where friends and family can spend quality time together over good food and great conversation.

Assess Your Area

Setting up your outdoor space is a big investment of time and money. It's worthwhile to think about the size of your backyard or patio.

Measure how much space you have available. How much room will you have for everyone to sit comfortably? How many seats can you fit? Do you want ottomans or recliner patio chairs for people to kick back and relax?

Make sure your layout leaves plenty of room for guests to move around easily.

Also keep in mind the view. Depending on your property, watching the sunset over cocktails might be a beautiful feature. Consider the pros and cons of what kind of space and view you'll lose if you add an umbrella or awning.

Choose Furniture

Good furniture is key to creating a cozy space for mealtime! You'll want to start by considering the style of table and chairs that will work best with your home’s style.

Do you have a traditional, ranch, or modern design? Will you be hosting more formal dinners or is the space for a more casual atmosphere? Are there plenty of chairs to accommodate larger gatherings so that your dining area isn't cramped and uncomfortable?

If you really can't fit any tables or seating in your backyard dining space, consider placing low-to-the ground benches around the perimeter so people can still enjoy their meal!

All of these details are important considerations before splurging on a patio set that doesn't work for your needs.


Clutter can be detrimental to the ambience when your dining al fresco. It's hard to enjoy your space if you're always navigating around dog toys, lawn clippings, and plates of leftovers.

To create a great outdoor dining space, start by clearing away any unnecessary messes! This will help make your outdoor area feel more inviting for both you and guests.

And make a habit of always keeping it tidy so you can relax outside whenever the mood strikes!

Add Decor

Create a festive ambience with just the addition of some simple decor. Just like in your indoor dining space, you'll want to consider what colors and styles will complement your existing décor.

Stick with natural materials that won't overshadow your home's other features.

Add flowers as table centerpieces for added color without taking up a lot of extra space. 

And don’t forget about lighting — outdoor string lights are perfect for evening dinners outside!

When arranging furniture, take note of where candles might interfere with sunsets or create an unsafe area if they were knocked over by kids running around playing games nearby.

Creating an outdoor dining space for your home can be a fun and creative process. If you’re considering building a new home and want more information about how your backyard can be transformed into the perfect spot for entertaining guests or hosting a family BBQ, Sturbridge Homes can help!

We’ll show you the possibilities and work with you to create a home just for your needs. Your dream yard is waiting — let Sturbridge Homes take care of everything else.