Creating the Ideal At Home Super Bowl Viewing Experience

Creating the Ideal At Home Super Bowl Viewing Experience

The holidays may be over, but football fans are looking forward to the holy grail of seasonal events — the Super Bowl! February 7th is fast approaching, and this year’s game will see some major changes.

While we may have to celebrate in new ways, you can still enjoy and cheer on your favorite team. Get ready to turn your Sturbridge Home into Super Bowl central!

Know The Local COVID-19 Guidance

Before you create an invite list and fill your home with guests, know the current COVID-19 recommendations for Annapolis, MD. You may want to limit the number of invitees or encourage mask wearing at your viewing party. The coronavirus updates change regularly, so stay up to date on the latest information regarding group gatherings.

If you plan to have friends or family over, provide guests with party favors that fit our current times. Items that promote health and safety could go into your goodie bag, like individual hand sanitizers, disposable face masks, Emergen-C and disposable gloves. Or splurge a little and customize reusable face masks with team colors and logos!

Plan Your Menu

What would the Super Bowl be without a mouthwatering menu? Burgers, brats and nachos are the easy go-to, but finger foods are less enticing with the current germ situation.

Instead of putting out trays of bite-sized snacks for everyone to grab at, consider individually wrapped and low-touch items. If you’re providing plastic wear for eating, make sure they’re pre-rolled or pre-packaged. Instead of passing around condiment bottles, have one-use packets of ketchup and mustard available. Use takeout containers to keep portions separate and safe for everyone.

Create A Stadium-Like Experience

Super Bowl 55 is happening on the Buccaneers home turf in Tampa Bay. Fans can travel and attend the game in-person with limited capacity. But why deal with the journey and the crowds when you can create an arena-style experience in the comfort of your living room?

The price of a good home theater is more affordable than ever. Invest in your home viewing experience with an oversized tv or projector, surround sound, mood lighting, and proper seating. Just a few tweaks or upgrades to your current layout and audio/video setup goes a long way.

Bringing the stadium experience into your home wouldn’t be complete without themed decor. Once we know which teams are competing, get your football party supplies ordered. From balloons to plates and banners to centerpieces, you can outfit your space with NFL decor that wows!

Looking for a better space to host the big game? Sturbridge Homes are designed with open floor plans, perfect for entertaining. Check out quick move-in ready houses and get into a new home before football season ends.