Favorite Home, Yard and Garden Tools

Favorite Home, Yard and Garden Tools

Spring weather is here! The best way to enjoy the warmer days is by sprucing up your property. From weeding flower beds to cleaning up the hedges, there’s plenty of yard work for homeowners!

Having the right equipment makes getting the work done so much easier. Stay motivated and keep your landscape lovely with the best yard equipment, tools and gardening accessories for your outdoor projects. Here are our favorite picks for 2021!


A flat blade spade can be used for so many things around a garden. It’s great for edging or cutting neatly into turf, but it can also cut up roots and soil as well!

We recommend choosing a D-handle spade. This style provides better control and reduces strain, making it more versatile.

Fiskar, a favorite brand amongst outdoorsy folks, makes a Steel D-Handle Square Garden Spade that’s a real winner! It’s durable steel construction and sharp blade can cut through even the most tenacious roots and dirt. Plus it has a wide foot platform for extra down force when you need it!


If your trees and bushes are out of control, a tough pruner is a must for trimming back branches. But many pruners aren’t up to the task when branches are extra thick.

The Swiss-manufactured Felco 2 Pruning Shears are a top seller and will make clipping a cinch! These one-handed, manual cutters have hardened components, including the nuts, bolts and blades, to prevent dulling, wear and tear. They’re lightweight and can be adjusted easily, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Gardening gloves protect your hands from dirt and bacteria that can cause skin irritation or infection when gardening. They’re also a necessity when you’re dealing with the scratches that come from your prickliest plants!

Thornproof gloves do exist and can make trimming your bougainvilleas or roses a pain-free experience. Legacy Gardens Leather Gloves are a top choice amongst gardeners. Heavy duty while remaining breathable, these gloves are made to last with double-stitched quality leather and extra padding.

If you have a vegetable garden or a lot of weeds that you need to pull from the roots, Garden Genie Digging Gloves will be your new best friend! These gloves have ABS plastic claws at the end of each finger for poking and digging into the soil. They’re waterproof, breathable, puncture-proof and unique!


From raking leaves to gathering cut grass, you’ll need a wheelbarrow to make moving things hassle-free! For its convenient four-wheeled design, the Gorilla Carts Yard Dump Cart is our favorite pick. It does the same job as a wheelbarrow, but is so much easier to move around. With a 1200 pound capacity, you’ll have no trouble moving everything from gardening supplies, rocks, piles of trimmings…you name it!

If you have a smaller yard or garden and want something very versatile, consider the WORX WG050 Aerocart. The 8-in-1 adaptable design lets you use this piece of equipment as a cart, dolly, plant mover, and much more! But it is on the smaller side, so we don’t recommend it for larger properties where your hauling a lot — the tight capacity will mean extra trips for you.

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