Forget Spring Cleaning, Do Winter Cleaning

Forget Spring Cleaning, Do Winter Cleaning

We are almost done with the first month into the new decade which means it’s time for a new start. Don’t wait until Spring to do your annual cleaning, start off the year with a fresh and clean house. This way when spring comes around, all you have to do is spiffy up your Sturbridge home. Keep up that New Years' resolution momentum and start cleaning with some of these tips.

Clean out your closets

This is the first step to having a clean home. We all tend to just throw items in the closet that we don’t know what to do with anymore. Just shut the door and know one will ever know right? Well this year, end that bad habit and start decluttering your closets. Best rule to have when decluttering? If you haven't’ touched it or worn it in a year, donate it or throw it out. Trust us, this will help save you time in the morning from rummaging through your closet trying to find that sweater you want to wear hidden in a pile of smashed clothes and hangers.

Organize pantry and refrigerator

Is eating healthy in 2020 one of your goals? You can’t do that until you’ve cleaned out the junk food from your kitchen! Knock two goals at once by cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry to help you stay on track of your healthy eating. It will also help you start out the year organized

Donate, donate, donate

Remember when we said if you haven’t touched it in a year, donate it? Go through the house to do a clean sweep of each room and figure out what you don’t need anymore. It always feels good to pass it on right? Check out charities near you to donate your items to. 

Deep clean your carpets

It’s time to get that mud and leftover pine needles out of your carpet from Christmas. Don't wait until a few months down the line when it gets stained. You’ll thank yourself later. Want to keep your carpets cleaner for longer? Try making it a rule to have no shoes on in the house. It’s a great opportunity to treat yourself to new cozy slippers.

Get rid of old blankets and towels

Some of the biggest items we can accumulate over the years are blankets and towels. They also take up the most space. Throw them out and buy some new ones that match your aesthetic so you can feel like you are in a fresh home.

Do you start your “spring cleaning” early? Let us know what you like to do in your house in the new year!