Getting The Most Out Of Holiday Decorations All Winter

Getting The Most Out Of Holiday Decorations All Winter

Considering how much time we’ve been spending at home lately, it seems a shame to take down our holiday decor so soon. Festive decor adds such warmth and cheer to a Sturbridge home. Plus, winter doesn’t even end until March 20th...

We know it’s taboo to leave up Christmas decorations until March, but you can make the most of your holiday style by adapting to a more tasteful, general winter theme. Here’s how to make the most of your decorations through the end of the season!

Remove Holiday Decorations

To avoid the tackiness of Christmas decor in February (or later), take down the most glaringly obvious holiday pieces. Santa Claus, stockings, and poinsettias need to go. Outdoor lights and inflatable lawn displays should come down too.

A good rule of thumb is to walk around your home and remove anything red (unless it’s part of your year-round decor of course!). Putting away the bright candy cane hue helps tone down the Christmassy feel.

Focus On Neutral Colors

You can extend the winter feel well into 2021 if you stick to neutral tones in your home. Ribbons, candles, table runners, and centerpieces in white and silver are a great choice. These accents give a subtle nod to the icy and snowy weather outside. Gold is also a perfect color to keep around, and adds an air of elegance to your winter theme.

Showcase Evergreen

Lots of people shift the layout of their home in December to make way for the big focal point — the Christmas tree. Traditionally, Christmas trees are taken down within about a week of December 31st. Taking your tree down and moving furniture back into its place should be a priority. This layout transition creeps you back towards normalcy. But don’t get rid of all your evergreen!

Wreaths and garland are still perfectly acceptable throughout the winter. Try rearranging the location of garland to new places to give a fresh look. Create new vignettes on coffee tables, the fireplace mantle, and your dining table using greenery as the center of attention.

Repurpose Your Ornaments

Since you’re taking down the tree, you’ll have plenty of spare ornaments to utilize. Sprinkle a few of your simplest, most neutral ornaments into each of your vignettes. Tuck the holiday balls into your evergreen displays for a delicate bit of color or sparkle. Fill large glass vases with ornaments and weave in fairy lights. There’s a number of ways to repurpose your ornaments for the rest of winter.

Sturbridge Homes are tastefully designed from the get-go. All they need is your creative touch to make a house a home! Find a move-in ready home that you can add your style to next winter!