Getting Your Home Ready for the Fall Season

Getting Your Home Ready for the Fall Season

Are you falling for fall? We definitely are! The changing weather and approaching holidays demand extra attention this time of year. It’s time to focus and get your Sturbridge home ready for fall.

From seasonal maintenance to fun decorating tips, we’ve got you covered. Grab a hot apple cider or your favorite pumpkin spice beverage and let’s get cracking!


What better way to inspire motivation for cleaning, then knowing you have upcoming holiday decorating to do? Take time to deep clean before pulling your decor boxes from the garage. It will make the entire process easier. Decorations clutter up normally unoccupied areas, so make sure to pre-clean before placing your fun seasonal items.

Clean your way through each room of the house; dust, sweep and wipe those nooks and crannies that rarely get your attention. This deep cleaning checklist will keep you on track.

Home Maintenance

Fall is the best time to prepare vulnerable parts of your home for the changing weather. Your plumbing and HVAC system will be most at risk in the coming months.

Check your HVAC system’s air filter and replace it if needed. Consider scheduling a tune-up to make sure your heater is reliable through the winter.

Head outside while it’s still daylight and spend time clearing leaves from your gutters. This will prevent clogs in your downspouts and drains when stormier weather arrives.

Disconnect any outdoor hoses and drain them. Check that all outside faucets are turned off completely. Look for any leaks that need repairs before the first freeze. Have your water heater flushed by a professional to keep hot water consistent on the coldest days.


Fall is one of the best seasons for decorating because it’s so simple! A few pumpkins from the grocery store, leaves and sticks collected from your backyard, burlap ribbon and voila! You’ve got decor for every room in the house.

If you need to grow your fall decor collection, we recommend hitting the craft stores. From designer pumpkins to wooden crates, cotton stems and buffalo check everything, you can get exceptional high-end decor at an affordable price.

You could even get crafting and make your own wreaths, centerpieces and rustic wall signs.Joanne Fabric and Craft has awesome deals. Saturday and Sunday are the best days to shop because of the special sales (we’re talking upwards of 40% off on your average weekend!). And you can download their app for extra exclusive savings. 


Highlight the colors of the season and show your festive spirit by decorating with gorgeous fall accents! You don’t have to be married to vibrant orange and dramatic black. Fall color palettes incorporate every shade from amber and navy blue to soft teal. Blend in lots of natural textures like burlap, plaid, clay, glass, and wood for homespun charm.

The best spots for decorating are the areas you spend the most time in. Pumpkins and other seasonal pieces look best around your:

  • Front Porch
  • Entryway
  • Fireplace Mantle 
  • Coffee Table
  • Living Room Bookshelves
  • Dining Table
  • Kitchen

We’d love to see how your decor turned out—head over to our Sturbridge Homes Facebook and share a photo with us!