How to Stay Healthy this Season

How to Stay Healthy this Season

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic and current flu season, taking care of your health should be your #1 priority. We’ve all been following the breaking news, and it's time to stop talking about toilet paper and start paying more attention to hygiene. Below are some tips to help you through this germ season.

Wash hands

This should be a given but, are you washing your hands long enough? You should be washing your hands for AT LEAST 30 seconds at a minimum. Pass the time by singing the first 30 seconds of a song in your head so you know that you are adequately cleaning your hands. Remember, use plenty of disinfecting soap and warm water.

Change clothes

Your clothes can harbor a lot of bacteria without you even knowing it. When you get home from the day, change your clothes and put on fresh ones to help keep the outside bacteria at bay from your house. This also helps with allergy season to keep the pollen out of your home too.

Don't touch your face

Touching face is definitely a no-no. Make sure to keep your hands away from your face and always use hand sanitizer.

Disinfect knobs

Go through your home every few days and take a Lysol wipe to disinfect your knobs. These are surfaces we sometimes forget when doing everyday cleaning.

Things to keep you occupied during your quarantine:

Spring cleaning

Get your home ready for spring in your free time. Use this list to help stay on track and keep busy while in your home. You’ll feel a lot cleaner and take the spring in by stride with your newly cleaned home.

Netflix Binge Watching

Now is the best time to chill on your couch. Netflix is always coming out with great original content. If you like reality TV, watch the top-rated and highly addicting, Love is Blind. Not into reality love drama? Then watch their newest show, Locke & Key.

Cook new recipes

Dust off your cookbooks and try out some of those recipes you haven’t had time to try. It's a great way to test food!
Stay healthy this season and take time for your health. Remember to stay informed and keep healthy!