How to Survive the 2018 Polar Bear Plunge

How to Survive the 2018 Polar Bear Plunge

If you are a true Marylander than you are well acquainted with the Polar Bear Plunge. This is the annual January event at Sandy Point State Park where thousands of bathing suit sporting “plungers” brave the frigid bay waters to raise money for Special Olympics Maryland.

If you’re going to take the big dip on Saturday January 27, be sure to register here and keep the following Polar Bear Plunge tips in mind:

  • If you have a heart or medical condition participation is not recommended.

  • Show up early to check-in, mingle with fellow plungers and get pumped up!

  • Remember that the water is shallow – don’t dive in!

  • A little liquid courage may seem like a good idea before the plunge, but it’s not because alcohol accelerates hypothermia. Wait until after the event to enjoy the hot toddy.

  • Wear your bathing suit to the plunge so you don’t have to change clothes when you arrive. Sorry, no wetsuits are allowed.

  • Be encourage you to be creative with your “plunge wear” but, don’t wear anything that will weigh you down or can get heavy when soaked.

  • Come prepared with a fluffy robe, warm blankets and extra towels to dry off quickly after the plunge.

  • Bring clothes and extra pair of shoes that are warm and easy to put on quickly after you plunge

  • Wear water shoes or Crocs are recommended to protect your feet.

  • Remember to bring a plastic bag for your sopping wet clothes.

  • Ask a friend to join you that IS NOT plunging to come along for morale support and to hold on to your stuff (and take pictures) while you’re in the water.