Moving out of the City

Moving out of the City

No more gridlock!

We all know traffic is no fun in the morning. With stop and go traffic downtown, it can feel never-ending. By moving to a Sturbridge Homes community in the suburbs, you can give yourself a little breathing room in your morning commute.


Get back to your roots with nature!

Living in the city can feel like you’re in a never-ending sea of buses, horns, and traffic lights. Moving to the suburbs can help you get back to nature. With several parks to choose from near our communities (Patapsco Park, John G. Lancaster Park, Quiet Waters Park, etc.), you can free yourself of the noise of city living and enjoy the sounds of nature.


More space!

Living in the city can feel cramped, especially for your pets. Have dogs that like to roam free? Spread out in the suburbs so they can have fun and be safe in your backyard. Yard space is hard to come by downtown Baltimore. Check out our homes that have yard space here.


Tourist free attractions nearby!

While there are a ton of historic sites in Baltimore, it can feel claustrophobic with all of the tourists. Instead of going to a crowded attraction on the weekends, go to your nearby historic town! You can visit towns like Historic Annapolis and Ellicott City. With unique shops and local cuisine, you don’t have to sacrifice the cultural perks of city living!


#5 Cheaper taxes!

Taxes are never a fun subject. However, when it comes to reducing your taxes, we are on board! Moving out of the city and into Anne Arundel County can reduce the dent in your wallet.


Bye bye old homes!

Even though the historic homes of the city are beautiful, they can come with a multitude of problems. From foundation issues to old plumbing, your money is continuously going into keeping up with the home. With our homes, you’ll be buying the Sturbridge Advantage with superior quality construction.


More floor plan options!

The floor plans of city row homes can be a little repetitive. Check out our floor plan options with sizable rooms and expansion options. With this type of space, you’ll wonder why you stayed in cramped housing for so long!

Ready to say good-bye to city living? Find your dream home in our communities. Contact Sturbridge Homes today!