Our Favorite Summer Salads

Our Favorite Summer Salads

We’re barely into summer and we’re already craving something fresh from the garden. Salads are a great way to stay healthy and save money. Don’t do your regular boring salad with croutons and shredded cheese, we’ve got your summer staples that are good for you AND delicious. 

Instead of iceberg lettuce being the base of your salad, try couscous instead. It helps keep you fuller longer and it is a great source of fiber. Add in some tomatoes from your local market and you have a great lunch! If you don’t like feta, we recommend subbing it for goat cheese or ricotta. 

Cobb salad has been around since the 1930s, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style. The secret to making the perfect cobb salad is fresh ingredients and making your own dressing. Every bite you take is something new and different. It’s a great salad to make ahead of time too! Bring it along with you the next time you go on a picnic.

We’re in Maryland so of course, we had to add this one to our list. This salad is great on its own or for a side. Either way, we know you’ll want a second helping. What makes this salad Chesapeake style? Old Bay of course! 

Not all salads are made with vegetables! We’ve got to have some fruit in our diet too. Fruit salad will always be a family favorite. The best thing is you can customize it to what you have in your fridge and fruit bowl.  Add some fresh mint and your fruit salad just went up a notch. 

Protein is a must if you want salad for dinner! Not only is this salad super filling because of the avocado and chicken, but it’s also delicious thanks to the mango dressing! Have a vegetarian in the family? Sub the chicken for marinated tofu and they’ll be wanting this salad every week. 

If you are in the mood for something creamy and delicious, try this salad for a change. Made with sour cream dressing, this salad is great for people who need something extra to get down their vegetables. We recommend making this salad a few hours ahead of time so the vegetables can marinate and become softer. 

Nothing says summer like peaches! Take advantage of this yummy fruit by putting it in your next salad. The sweetness of the fruit helps balance the sharpness of the spinach. Make this show stopper salad the next time you have guests over. They’ll be asking for the recipe! 

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