Spice Up Your Home - Refresh During Quarantine

Spice Up Your Home - Refresh During Quarantine

Being in quarantine has been tough for all of us. Staring at the same walls day in and day out can make you feel like you are in the movie Groundhog’s Day. This spring, it’s time to give your home a refresh. Treat yourself by upgrading your home and refresh it with new decor to keep you energized and focused. We’re showing how you can spice up your home with minimal effort.


If you are cooking more or #quaranbaking, you might realize how untidy your kitchen is. A good way of refreshing your kitchen is reorganizing! Take everything out of the cabinets and lay it all out on your counter. Start with the bulky items and then work your way down. Here are some tips to help you organize it to make your cooking flow easier! Next, it’s time to decorate. Add some color to your kitchen by buying flowers in your next Instacart order. We all need a little help during this time and what better way than to help others. Support small businesses during quarantine since they are getting hit the hardest. Find kitchen decor through Etsy to help entrepreneurs through this tough period. 


Your bedroom is a place to retreat and relax. During quarantine, it’s a place where most of us find comfort and can really wind down after a long day. Refresh it by adding candles around the room. Brighten it up by using fresh scents like fresh cut grass or floral scents. Buy some cozy pillows and blankets for extra comfort. Even though we can’t go outside as much as we like, we can bring the outside in by adding some green to your room. Add some air plants to the room. They are great for people who don’t have a green thumb since they have minimal upkeep.

Living Room

The living room is where most of us spend the most time during quarantine. It’s turned into your office and a kid’s playroom all in one. Spice it up by adding some “office decor” to your coffee table. Add a lamp, coffee cup warmer and a candle to help you stay more focused. You want your workspace to help energize your mind, not put you to sleep. So add anything around you that will help you stay on task.


Now that you have all this time to yourself, it’s a perfect time to pamper. Make your bathroom into your own self-indulgent oasis by adding a tub caddy to hold a glass of wine and a book while you soak in a relaxing bubble bath. Change up your decor by adding lighter colors to the bathroom. Swap your shower curtain with a white-colored one to open up the room. Spoil yourself and get a cushioned bath mat. Once you have one, you’ll never go back to a regular rug.

We know this time is tough and it can be hard to stay in your home for so long. By using these tips and tricks, you can transform your home. Any little addition helps to make you feel more relaxed.