Themed Decorating Holiday Ideas

Themed Decorating Holiday Ideas

Deck the halls, living room, and kitchen of your Sturbridge home with these uniquely themed holiday decor ideas!

Naptown Holidays

Embrace the spirit of our state’s capital with a nautically themed holiday setup in your home. Give these cheap and easy nautical themed DIY decorations a try.  For an extra touch of the Annapolis spirit, grab one or all of these Naptown themed ornamentsto adorn your tree with this year.

Blushing Christmas

2018 has been the year of rose gold! Why not incorporate the dreamy color into your holiday decor? From heavily flocked Christmas trees to gold, pink, and white ornaments: this couture decor theme will be a hit with your holiday guest!

Glacial Christmas

Bring the soothing setting of the frosty woodlands and the snowy Alps into your home this year. Inspired by the glacial trend sweeping the home decor industry, this Christmas look uses metallics,  icy blues, and winter whites to create a stunning winter wonderland effect.

Classic Christmas

Nothing compares to a traditional Christmas. From pops of red throughout your home to garland hanging from your living room mantle, this is a timeless holiday idea that will never go out of style.  Check out how to incorporate this holiday theme to each room in your Sturbridge home!

Vibrant Holiday

Add a pop of color to your holiday gathering this holiday season! These vibrant jewel tones ornaments and decorations are sure to deliver plenty of holiday cheer. Grab the craziest ornament you can find, they’ll fit perfectly with this bright candy-colored tree and decor.