Townhome Yard Prep for Fall

Townhome Yard Prep for Fall

Leaves are on the ground and the air is turning chilly. And as a homeowner, you might have noticed your front and backyard are now looking especially shabby. Whether you live on expansive acreage or in our townhouse community, the Towns at Parke West, yard care is a year-round responsibility.

Here are some tips that could save your grass, shrubs and trees during the long winter season ahead and keep your townhome looking great!

Trim Back Bushes and Trees

Now that the bushes and trees are bare, you can see where to prune them back. You'll want to trim everything that's growing into walkways or near your home, which could cause damage during upcoming stormy weather.

Removing dead limbs and branches is also important because it protects the plants' health. Pruning gives them a chance to rejuvenate and get stronger.

Trimming shrubs, bushes and trees also allows light to reach your lawn during winter months, which in turn promotes root growth, necessary for grass survival during the cold season ahead.

Rake Leaves and Clear Debris

Another great way to protect your townhouse's yard is to rake up leaves. When leaves are left on top of grass for too long, they can smother it, causing brown patches that will need reseeding next spring.

Clear leaf clutter in a timely fashion so you can prevent mold and insect infestation throughout the winter. A messy yard is a breeding ground for these pests.

A leaf blower makes this task easier, but raking will certainly do the trick and give you a good workout!

Mulch Shrubs

After removing fallen branches and leaves from around shrubs, spread mulch around them. Mulch is made of wood chips, bark or ground-up plant matter.

It replenishes the soil with nutrients and helps retain moisture to prevent dryness over winter months. The mulch will prevent weeds and promote plant growth come spring, as well as protect the shrubs from winter damage.

Mow One Last Time

Mow your lawn for the last time this season because the grass will be entering dormancy mode soon.

Tall grass can get matted in the winter and become infected. But lawn roots are also vulnerable to dangerously cold temperatures if they are cut too short. For the last cut before the frost sets in, set your mower blades to about 2.5 inches.

After you mow, fertilize your lawn. You'll want to give your grass a dose of nitrogen in the fall after a long hot season to stimulate blade development.

Clear The Clutter

Grab a broom and sweep walkways and driveway free of grass, leaves, sticks and other debris. This is also a good time to make some space in your garage and store any patio furniture or grills. Do a little maintenance on your lawn mower or gardening equipment and store it in a clean, dry place so it's ready for use in the spring.

A townhome is a terrific place to live during all seasons of the year — and fall yard care will ensure that it stays that way!

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