Ways to Meet Your Neighbor

Ways to Meet Your Neighbor

Go outside more

Have you moved in but haven’t seen your neighbors yet? Nervous to knock on their doors? Try spending more time outside working on your garden, cleaning out your car, or even just spending time reading a book. By being outside more, you are more likely to run into them and start a natural conversation!


Surprise them with a flower delivery

The holidays are always a good time to connect with your neighbor. Try sending them flowers from your local flower shop. They will think of it as an endearing gesture and will be a good conversation starter the next time you see each other.


Invite your neighbors over for dinner

Take the leap and invite them over for dinner. Make something simple or just order in. This is a fun way to learn about each other and show them your house. You can compare and contrast your Sturbridge homes and what floor plans you chose!


Have a block party

Get the entire community involved and host your own block party. Make a flier and put it around town, talk to neighbors about food and drinks, bring fun outdoor games, and so much more! This is a fast way to meet everyone.


Participate in the community

Get involved with your community! Volunteer at local charities, go to town meetings, and talk to locals! You are bound to run into them. Plus, you’ll make so many other friends and learn more about the surrounding communities.


Connect online

If you haven’t been able to connect with each other in person, connect online! Ask to be friends on Facebook or follow their Instagram to learn more about them. You can even join nextdoor.com!  It’s an easy way to stay connected and build relationships.