What Sets Sturbridge Apart From Other Maryland Builders

What Sets Sturbridge Apart From Other Maryland Builders

Each Sturbridge Home is built to our high-quality standards, otherwise known as The Sturbridge Advantage. However, you aren’t going to get high-quality homes with some other builders. We’re breaking down why Sturbridge is the superior new home builder for your next house.



US: More wood, stronger foundation
Our building process has reverted back to the ways construction used to be: sturdy, strong, and long lasting. We use more wood so it reduces the effects of settlement. For example, we use more studs that are closer together so your home has a long lasting foundation.

THEM: Less wood, cheaper product
Most home builders build to the standard code with less material. This can save them and their buyers money but it’s not a quality foundation in the long run.

US: Use high quality products
We pride ourselves in using top quality products while still remaining within your budget. This way, you can enjoy the perks of having a well made home without breaking the bank.

THEM: Low quality products
Some builders use low quality products but still charge the price of a high quality home. We have higher standards and care about our home buyers and want them to get a high quality home while still being within budget.

US: Use trusted subcontractors
We have built long term relationships with our subcontractors so we don’t have to question their quality of work. Our subcontractors are some of the best in their fields so you can live comfortably in your home.

THEM: Work with less experienced subcontractors
Other builders use subcontractors to do their work for them and base their decision on the bottom line cost of labor and not the quality of work. Not only could they be inexperienced workers, but the materials they use could be cheap and not long lasting.

US: We supervise every step of the way.
We bring in one full time in-house superintendent to make sure all of the homes in our communities are built up to our requirements. They will lead the day to day construction and make sure we are operating on schedule so you can get into your home on time.

THEM: Check in on the building process every so often
Some new home builders check into their building process as little as possible. A lot can slip through the cracks this way and your house could suffer from it. At Sturbridge, we want to make sure that your house is being built to our high standards. After all, it’s not just a house, it’s a home.

US: We have communities in some of the best locations
We want your home to be located close to what’s important to you. For some, it’s historical towns, commuter routes, or great parks. Find out your next community with Sturbridge here.

THEM: Build in sub standard communities
With some new home builders, they buy the least expensive lots so they can maximize profit. Some of those cheaper lots may not be the best location to live in.


If you want a high quality house without sacrificing money, build with Sturbridge. Learn more about how we care about the quality of your home by visiting our Sturbridge Advantage page.