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Get Your Home BBQ Ready

Warmer days are here and summer is on the way! As some of us are still emerging from our long (and very) cold winter, others are gearing up for summer soirees! Get your backyard in perfect barbecuing condition just in time for Memorial Day weekend!

Lawn Care

Lawn care maintenance plays a huge role in setting the scene for your summer BBQ’s. Break out all the stops! Give your lawn the much needed TLC it needs with raking, mowing and watering it consistently through the week. Add some color to your BBQ setting and touch up your front and backyard gardens. Check out our gardening tips here!

Seating Arrangement

Set your backyard to create the most upbeat setting! Creating a comfortable social atmosphere encourages your guest to interact with each other. Place a majority of your lounge seats in a shaded area, and keep an open clear path to the drink station and food table.

Party Music

What’s a cookout without great music? Checkout this perfect playlist for all ages.These summer hits are sure to be crowd pleasers!

The Grill

The perfect BBQ requires the perfect grill! Give your grill the deep cleaning it needs with a few easy steps:

  • Dry-scrub crud from the inside of the grill. This includes grates,burners, and inside surfaces with a non-scratch sponge.

  • Wash the inside and outside surfaces with dish soap and water, rinse well, and dry thoroughly.

  • Sponge off both stainless-steel and enameled surfaces with warm soapy water and wipe dry.

  • Do a gas check! It’s important for safe cooking, especially if a grill hasn’t been used in sometime.

For more grilling tips and tricks visit thisoldhouse.com

All that’s left to do is fire up the grill!