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Summer Home Owner Maintenance Tips

It’s definitely starting to feel like summer outside, but the heat doesn’t have to be felt in your Sturbridge Home. The winter and spring seasons are known to take a toll on the exterior (and sometimes interior) of the house. Use these tips to get your home ready for those hot summer days.

Door Mats

Keep the mud and dirt outside where it belongs! Place a heavy-duty outdoor doormat at the entrance of your home. Stomp off any debris from your shoes to keep your floors spotless. As an extra measure, place a light cloth or rug in the foyer near the entrance.

Check Your Deck

Get your deck ready for those BBQ’s by checking for any rot or uprooted nails. After a season of cold weather and heavy rains, homeowners should consider having their deck sealed. The seal will lock out moisture and reduce water intrusion.

Leak Check

A leaking hose can increase your water bill significantly. To save money on your utilities, check all outdoor faucet for leaks. Most small holes can be easily covered up by tightly wrapping electrical tape around them.

Power Wash

Give your home the extra shine it needs. An essential part of maintaining the exterior of your Sturbridge home is to clean it regularly. One of the simplest ways to do this is to power wash your walls. Power washing easily removes mud, stains, and mildew.  Make sure to cover up any garden plants or outdoor electrical outlets before you clean.

Window Cleaning

Routinely checking the sealants in your windows is guaranteed to keep the summer heat outside. Ensure that both inside and outside windows are secured. If you happen to see any open spaces, don’t be afraid to caulk and seal them up.