Words of Wisdom from Redwood Mortgage

The end of Summer often marks a slow-down in home sales and shifts from a sellers market to a buyers market. If you’re selling this fall, you’ll want to do everything you can to make your home look it’s best.

Here are a few helpful hints that could make the difference between a sales contract or staying put!

Curb Appeal is Crucial

You only have one chance to make a first impression, right? And the moment a prospective buyer drives up to your house, they are forming an opinion so make it good!
• Rake leaves.
• Prune shrubs and trees.
• Plant fall flowers.
• Pull persistant weeds.
• Mow your lawn.
• Clear bikes and toys from your door area.
• Put a festive, fall wreath on your door.
• If snow is an issue, clear walkways and stairs… especially if they are icy.

Fall Can Be Messy
• Make sure your walkway is free of leaves and debris.
• Place an attractive door mat so people may wipe their feet, especially in the rain.
• Place a good door mat where your family and pets enter the house the most. This will help reduce daily debris and cut down on your pre-showing cleaning.
• Make sure gutters are clean and draining properly.
Smell Is Everything
How your home smells deserves a line-item all by itself. Imagine your home has the perfect location, beautiful curb-appeal, and a beautiful fall wreath on the door. Then a potential buyer opens the door and all they can smell is the cat box. YIKES! Yes, they may like your home, but they are forming a negative opinion based on the first thing they notice when they enter… THE SMELL. Why give a buyer any reason NOT to buy your home? So… a few tips:
• Clean or remove pet boxes. PERIOD.
• Take out your trash no matter how empty it is. You never know what little Johnny put in there when you weren’t looking.
• Do all of the laundry (and put it away). If any of you have teen aged boys, you know what I’m talking about.
• Give your home a cozy smell. Cinnamon, spiced cider, fresh baked cookies, pumpkin pie. These are all familiar smells that any buyer will find familiar and, well, cozy.
Let’s Go Further Inside
• Lighting!! Weather is getting dreary and days are getting shorter. Open all of the blinds and turn on lights, even if you’re not home. You want the house to appear bright and sunny in this darkening season.
• Heat. Nobody wants to enter a cold house. Turn the heat up a little, even if you’re not there. It will help make the house a little cozier.
• Windows. Clean windows will allow every little bit of outdoor light to come through.
• Fall Decor. A table centerpiece, a door mat, or a pot of Mums next to your home’s information flyer. You don’t have to go overboard, just a hint of the season will do.
• Touch-Up Paint. Now is a great time to get to that touch-up paint you’ve been meaning to tackle. Consider a fresh coat in the entire room. My Grandmother used to say, “Paint covers a multitude of sins.”
• De-Clutter. This applies to selling your home any time of the year. A buyer wants to imagine their family in the space. Help them by clearing away your personal items, clearing countertops and cleaning out closets.

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