Favorite Kitchen Appliances for 2021

Favorite Kitchen Appliances for 2021

Are you tired of ordering the same takeout? Totally over all your usual go-to meals? With spending more time at home this year, why not splurge on new tools for your Sturbridge Homes kitchen?

2021 has hot new appliances that are guaranteed to inspire fresh new recipes your family will love! You’ll look forward to prepping for meal-time with these devices. Let’s kick your recipes up a notch!

Ninja Foodi Grill

If you’re keeping up with recipe trends, you know air fryers are the new must have! This Ninja Foodi Grill is a 5-in-1air fryer. It can roast, bake, fry, grill and dehydrate.

Air frying is the latest technique to satisfy those crispy comfort food cravings with less oil and fewer calories. Try out this Perfectly Crispy Shrimp recipe for a sea-worthy snack with some crunch!

Another family favorite on a rainy spring afternoon is a hearty pot roast dinner. This pot roast recipe will be a breeze with your new Ninja.

Instant Pot

Everyone’s raving about the latest must-have appliance, the Instant Pot. And yes, it really is that good!

From classics like beef stew, chili and pulled pork, to the more unconventional egg white bites, yogurt and even cheesecake, this machine has you covered for endless recipes!

Here are 50 easy Instant Pot recipes to get you started. And for even more, check out our last blog post for Our Favorite Instapot Home Meals.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

For the coffee lovers, here’s a machine that will give you that perfectly simple on-the-go cup. The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker brews delicious bold cups of iced coffee with the push of a button.

Its rapid chill technology cools concentrated hot coffee over ice in an instant (so no more watered-down coffee!). It even comes with a convenient tumbler for grabbing that coffee and running out the door. If you like your cup of java on the chilled side, this one’s for you!

Kitchenaid Mixer

An absolute essential in every kitchen is the classic Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. This timeless product has been a kitchen staple since 1919, and in 2021, its still the most popular appliance.

Its bold color options make it an attractive addition to your Sturbridge countertop. Not only does it boast beauty and durability, this product can truly take on tough jobs, especially with the latest models and newest attachments.

While we may think of pies, cookies and other baked goods, Kitchenaid mixers have all kinds of attachments for making appetizers, entrees, sides and all sorts of other meals. Check out this 7 blade spiralizer attachment that can spiral, peel, core and slice. Detailed zoodle recipes just got a lot more manageable!

With so many ways to improve the cooking experience, why not look into a new kitchen with more counter space? We have quick move-in homes available! Contact Sturbridge Homes today to find that perfect home with a kitchen that will inspire your cooking.