Living Near Retail Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Have you ever felt like making dinner wasn’t in the cards on a particular night, but the nearest restaurant is miles away? Or maybe you need to buy a last minute gift and the nearest retailer is in the opposite direction of the party. You might have made a resolution at some point to join a gym, but the closest one adds another hour of driving to your day.

These are all realities for many people who live on the outskirts of populated areas and even for some people in the suburbs. If living close to an assortment of amenities is an important lifestyle factor for you, having conveniently located retail is a major perk. There is also data to support that this benefit helps to increase the value of your home!

Villas at Waugh Chapel Towne Centre - New Homes in Anne Arundel County

There are many developments that can accommodate a need for convenience, and communities mixing residential, commercial & retail are flourishing. Here in Anne Arundel county we have the Villas at Waugh Chapel.

Great living everywhere you turn, starting with a world of exciting everything right outside your home. Located between Waugh Chapel Towne Centre and the Village at Waugh Chapel, all your favorite places are right at your doorstep. The surrounding areas also make working in Baltimore, D.C., Annapolis, Columbia or Ft. Meade a reasonable commute. With over 60 stores there are plenty of options to keep you busy and satisfy your lifestyle needs!