Tips for Taking Care of Your Outdoor Spaces

Tips for Taking Care of Your Outdoor Spaces

When you live in a beautiful corner of the country like Maryland, there are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors! Sure, you could take a hike through nature in Patapsco Valley State Park or visit the picturesque waterfront of Annapolis Harbor, but there’s a lot to be said for just savoring your own personal outdoor paradise.

Whether you’re a homeowner with an existing yard or you're looking to buy or sell a property that may need some sprucing up, here are five tips for taking care of your outdoor space.

Invest in Quality Landscaping

Have you ever driven by a house and just thought, “Wow!”? Chances are this home was landscaped to perfection. A well-designed and maintained landscape can add real value to your home — not only will you feel a surge of pride and joy each time you pull up, but it will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers should you ever decide to move.

In fact, beautiful landscape design can actually increase your home's value by up to 20%! So you can imagine that a neglected yard with overgrown shrubs, patchy grass, and weeds can certainly have the opposite effect…

Now that doesn't mean you should go out and drop a bundle on pricey landscaping services. Be sure to research and compare different options, as well as consider do-it-yourself projects like laying fresh sod or planting perennial flowers.

When selecting plants for your yard, make sure you choose varieties that are well-suited to your climate and soil conditions. You can also mix in hardscaping elements like patios, walkways, and retaining walls to add visual interest and create a more usable outdoor space.

Proper Watering is Essential

Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but even the most novice gardener can understand the importance of proper watering. Watering too much or too little can have a huge impact on how your lawn and garden thrive.

As a general rule, the best practice for watering is to keep the soil consistently moist. So that means watering your plants deeply and infrequently, rather than giving them frequent shallow watering.

Adding a layer of mulch around your plants can also help retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing. Just be sure to choose a mulch that's appropriate for your plants and soil conditions.

Maintain Your Outdoor Spaces

At Sturbridge Homes, we believe that your outdoor spaces are just as important as your indoor living areas. After all, what's the point of devoting so much time and effort to landscaping if you don't take the necessary steps to maintain it?

We know no homeowner wants to add to their already-stacked list of chores, but having a consistent routine of the following tasks can go a long way in keeping your outdoor space looking its best:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Pruning shrubs
  • Pulling weeds
  • Edging the lawn or garden beds
  • Trimming trees and hedges
  • Sweeping up debris
  • Repairing hardscaping elements like walkways and patios

Now, don't start feeling overwhelmed! Some of these chores aren't necessary in certain seasons. Here are a few resources from our blog on maintenance tips that can help you determine what needs to be done when:

Think About Year-Round Use

To truly make the most of your outdoor spaces, think about how you can use them year-round. Adding a fire pit or outdoor heater can help extend your outdoor entertaining season into the cooler months. You can also consider adding a covered patio or pergola to provide shade during the heat of summer.

And who doesn't love an al fresco meal during sunset? Backyard lighting or a dedicated outdoor dining area can make your property that much more functional and enjoyable!

Lazy Landscaping Ideas

Finally, if you're looking for ideas that are low-maintenance and require little effort, consider only native plants or drought-resistant varieties that can thrive with minimal care. Investing in water-saving irrigation systems can also be a great way to conserve water (saving you money each month on utilities!) and keep your outdoor space looking its best with minimal effort.

And the ultimate "lazy landscaping" tip? Purchase a property that requires little to no yard care. A townhome with a smaller yard may be the perfect solution for those looking for low-stress living.

If that sounds like you, explore our quick move-in townhomes available in Maryland. With a second-story deck and minimal yard care, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors without breaking a sweat!